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Are You Making Time for What Matters Most in Life?

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Today I made a small adjustment to my daily schedule that had a big impact on how I’d experience the rest of my day.

I had been feeling like there just wasn’t enough time each day to fit in everything I needed, and more importantly, wanted to do.

I had lists of tasks to complete and I found myself rushing through my day, trying to finish it all so that I could feel accomplished, efficient, productive.

But is that what matters most in life?  Why did I feel like this way of living wasn’t being fully alive?

So today, I decided to try a different way.

I made the choice to wake up one hour earlier.

You see, I had been letting my exercise routine slip a little bit because there were other priorities on my list that felt more important. When I skipped working out, I found myself feeling guilty and when I did take time to exercise, I found myself rushing through the day to fit everything in.

Neither scenario felt good.

So instead of squeezing a workout into my “9-5” hours as per usual, I made a small change to my day and chose to wake up earlier so I could get it in before starting the rest of my day.

But as you can probably surmise, this wasn’t really about finding time to exercise.  It was so much more than that.

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Let your heart decide what matters most in life

I made this choice so I could free up time to live more fully, with more intention throughout the rest of the day.

I made this choice so I could stop feeling like each day was a list of tasks that I needed to hurry up and finish.  

I needed to add more space, more calm to my day. 

Are you making time for what matters most in life

My inner voice was telling me that I needed this extra time so I could….

Breathe in the silence of a dark house in the early hours of morning before anyone else had risen.  Before the sun had risen.  Before the world came alive.

Wake my children from slumber and take a moment to listen to their breath.  Stroke each of their faces, while thanking a higher power that they were mine.

Feed them breakfast and not snap at them to hurry up because I was cranky from not having had a moment to myself before rushing to get them ready for school.

Take a walk around my neighborhood and breathe the crisp fall air without thinking about the task list awaiting me at home.

Spend a half hour reading a beautiful book on my porch because it made me feel nourished.

Drink a second cup of coffee and savor its aroma and taste.

Sit down when I help my children with their school work instead of trying to multitask and also wash the lunchboxes and sift through the homework folders.

Have a two-way conversation with my son about fighter jets (his latest obsession), while driving him to soccer practice, instead of my usual half-listening and programmed interjections of “uh huh”, “ok”, “cool”.

Eat dinner with my family and sit at the table afterwards talking before jumping right up to clear the dishes.

Snuggle my boys at bedtime and take deep breaths into the tops of their heads and nooks of their necks, taking in their scents, of which I could bottle up and smell forever if only that was possible.

Today, I added time to my day so that I could live more presently, more lovingly, more fully.  

If we are constantly rushing through our days, functioning on auto-pilot, then we are not really living at all.  We are simply existing.  

I would like to live each day more intentionally, savoring all of the small things that matter, that remind me why I’m here in the first place.

I will continue to create space in my life for gratitude, for all of the things that let me know I’m alive.

All of the things that give me the opportunity each day to feel full of love, if I take the time to let them.

I will strive to live each day with this fullness of love and to let those around me feel my love.

I will make choices that lead me to live my purpose, to constantly become a truer, better version of me.

I hope you can also strive to create space in your life to fully appreciate all of the little moments that actually make a life.

To understand that only you have the ability to bring this intention to your life and that you and everyone you love will benefit if you do.

To live and love with a presence of mind as much as you can.

To pause and remember you do have the time for what truly matters if you create it.

I’m reading a beautiful book titled “Only Love Today” by Rachel Macy Stafford and it’s inspiring me to do just so. Take a look. Perhaps it will help you do the same.

what matters most in life

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7 thoughts on “Are You Making Time for What Matters Most in Life?”

  1. Love this post! I know that feeling of guilt after rushing my daughter out the door to get to school on time because I didn’t get up on time 😣 Such a great reminder that we have control over how our day starts out and over what tone is set for our house and our children. Making a simple change like waking up 1 hour earlier than usual, can make a huge difference!

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  3. I was very much the same! I was always living my days on autopilot, feeling stressed and lost everyday. It was when that stress caught up to me (and falling pregnant with my son) that I realised I needed to live more intentionally. I now try and carve out some time in the morning before my son wakes to live truly in the moment to have to myself 🙂

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