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110 Powerful Positive Affirmations for Moms

Throughout our motherhood journeys, every mother struggles with the pressure to be a good mom.  

From the early days of breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, and postpartum hormones that throw our emotions into disarray to the later challenges of mom guilt and managing the daily routine of family life in the midst of chaos, at one point or another, we all find ourselves dealing with responsibilities and expectations that challenge our mental health and stability.

Using positive affirmations for moms is an impactful way to quiet the negative thoughts that may be swirling around in our minds and help us approach this beautiful journey with more calm, ease, and confidence.

Keep reading to learn more about the power of positive affirmations for moms and how to use them.  I also provide a massive list of affirmations with over 100 positive daily affirmations for moms in all phases of motherhood.

110 Positive Affirmations for Moms in every season

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What Are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool you can use to foster a more positive mindset and the desired outcomes you’d like. 

In a nutshell, affirmations are brief positive statements, repeated frequently, which are designed to encourage happy feelings, as well as positive thoughts and attitudes from within. If used consistently, these positive phrases can reprogram the subconscious mind, thus improving your mental outlook and fostering positive changes in your life.

The use of daily affirmations can help you through a hard time such as the postpartum period, as well as the challenges of motherhood you may face down the road.

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Why Are Positive Affirmations Important for Moms?

Reciting positive affirmations can lead to more productive thoughts that improve your mindset and can ultimately change the way you approach daily challenges, which are MANY when you’re a mom!

The early days as a new mom come with round-the-clock feedings, constant diaper changes, and let’s not forget about the loads and loads of laundry and dishes to manage.  You hardly can find the time for a shower, let alone a proper meal.  

It’s also an emotional rollercoaster, as your body has just been through the trauma of childbirth and you’re now experiencing all kinds of physical and hormonal changes in the aftermath.  But above all, we cannot fail to mention that there is suddenly this tiny little human who depends on you for everything.

Even once you adjust to being a mom, it can sometimes be hard to find joy in motherhood no matter how much you love your children.  The reality is that despite how rewarding motherhood can be, it’s also hard work!

I find that I often experience shifting feelings of joy, overwhelm, excitement, amazement, uncertainty, frustration, love, anxiety, and utter exhaustion all in a single day! Motherhood can certainly be an emotional rollercoaster and there is no such thing as a dull moment.

Positive affirmations for moms are a great way to help combat negative feelings and approach each season of motherhood with more ease, grace, and self-compassion.  

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How To Use Positive Affirmations for Moms

To realize the benefits of positive affirmations for moms, it’s important to come up with affirmations that truly resonate with you.

You can practice affirmations differently, depending on your personality and comfort level, but will see the best results when your affirmation statements honestly speak to your reality, the difficulties you may be dealing with, and encourage you to rely on your innate qualities and abilities to gracefully handle challenging situations.  

Below are some suggestions for how to use daily affirmations for moms:

  • Write them down in a journal each day
  • Say them out loud to yourself as you get dressed, shower, rock your baby to sleep
  • Repeat them during a meditation
  • Pair them with a vision board that you prominently display in your home
  • Write them on sticky notes and put them on your bathroom mirror
  • Save them as a reminder in your phone and set a timer to go off each morning
  • Set them as your screensaver/wallpaper on your computer or phone
  • Use affirmation cards and leave them on your nightstand so you will see them first thing in the morning and at the end of the day
  • Record yourself reciting your affirmations and listen to them at the start of each new day

110 Daily Positive Affirmations For Moms

Below, I’ve compiled a massive list of affirmations for new moms, as well as for those more seasoned moms out there (me included!).  We all can use some extra support at times so I hope you can find some affirmations in this list that feel right to you. 

110 Daily Affirmations for Moms
  1. I accept and love myself for the person and mother I am
  2. I am not a perfect mother and that is ok
  3. I allow myself to feel my emotions, all of them
  4. I am exactly the mom my child needs me to be 
  5. There is no better mom for my child than me
  6. I am learning as I go and I won’t always get it right
  7. I am thankful and grateful for the good in my life
  8. I am confident in my ability to take care of my child
  9. I am grateful for my body and its ability to take care of this child
  10. I take care of my body and appreciate all it is capable of
  11. I handle tough times with grace
  12. I have everything I need already within
  13. I learn from and forgive my mistakes
  14. I love the mother I am and continue to grow into
  15. I love my child and my child loves me
  16. I am kind and gentle with myself
  17. I am a good mother
  18. I am the best mother for my child, there is nobody who can take my place
  19. I am the perfect mom for my child just as I am today
  20. I take care of my child with love
  21. I am allowed to have a bad day
  22. There is no place I’d rather be than the present moment
  23. I am everything my child needs me to be
  24. My life is filled with love and joy
  25. My self-care is not selfish
  26. Today, I choose love
  27. I love my body and everything it does for me
  28. I am enough today and every day
  29. I am grateful for the life I’m living
  30. I am worthy of all the good things in my life
  31. I let go of thoughts that do not serve me
  32. I gain confidence as a mother every day
  33. My life is full of new possibilities
  34. I am content and supported
  35. I welcome help from my partner, family, and friends
  36. I am thankful for the support of those who love me
  37. I am patient with myself as I learn how to care for my child
  38. I am worthy of being a mother to my child
  39. It’s ok if my emotions are running wild right now
  40. I am calm and intentional
  41. I accept myself just as I am at this moment
  42. I deserve a peaceful and loving life
  43. I am a good person
  44. I make good decisions
  45. I honor my boundaries
  46. I respect myself and am deserving of respect from others
  47. Others accept and love me for who I am
  48. I do what is right for me and my child
  49. I can do hard things
  50. I breathe out stress and breathe in peace
  51. My thoughts and feelings have value
  52. I deserve happiness
  53. I accept all of me with love
  54. I accept myself
  55. I accept what I cannot change
  56. I accept who I am at this exact moment
  57. I am gentle with myself
  58. I am beautifully unique
  59. I am comfortable in my own skin
  60. I am deeply grateful for my body and my health
  61. I am enough for myself and my child
  62. I am enough just as I am
  63. I am exactly as I should be
  64. I am strong and able to do what needs to be done
  65. I am full of life
  66. I am grateful for this mind, this body, and this soul
  67. I am doing my best and my best is good enough
  68. I allow myself to rest
  69. I am a capable mother
  70. I am the heart of my child and he/she is mine
  71. I am imperfectly perfect
  72. I make mistakes and that’s ok
  73. I am safe in my body
  74. I am strong and healthy
  75. I am uniquely me and I am beautiful
  76. I am worthy of all the good in my life
  77. I am worthy of love, joy, and happiness
  78. I am worthy of love, regardless of the size, shape, or appearance of my postpartum body
  79. Only I know what is best for my child
  80. My motherhood journey is my own
  81. I nourish my body with healthy food choices
  82. I celebrate my body for all it is and all it does
  83. I deserve all the blessings in my life
  84. I have everything I need inside of me
  85. I have much for which to be grateful
  86. I have the power to control my negative thoughts
  87. I let go of negative self-talk
  88. I love myself unconditionally
  89. I love my body and everything it can do
  90. I love to take care of myself
  91. I model the respect for myself that I command from others
  92. Taking care of myself feels good
  93. I nourish my body, mind, and soul
  94. I release my feelings of guilt and negativity
  95. I treat myself with respect and honor
  96. I trust myself and the mother I am
  97. I view myself through kind eyes
  98. I will not compare myself to others
  99. I am allowed to have bad moments
  100. I make the best choices I can for my child
  101. I believe in myself and my abilities
  102. It is okay to not feel confident all the time
  103. I am not perfect, but I am perfect for my child
  104. My imperfections don’t make me less than
  105. My power is on the inside
  106. My self-love shows others how to love me
  107. No one can make me feel poorly about myself if I don’t allow it
  108. Others’ opinions of me are a reflection of them – not me
  109. My baby is beautiful and so am I
  110. I welcome this child into the world and my life

Positive affirmations for moms can help support you through the many exciting and challenging seasons of motherhood.

Remember, you are already the best mom possible for your child – you got this mama! ❣️

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